FW Merchandise

FW Creative Merchandise Agency is a trusted creative partner enhancing its client’s brand experience and legacy.

Branding & Marketing

FW Creative Merchandise Agency was founded to provide artists and events with a trusted creative partner that understands the power of merchandise and the value of great brands.


FW Merchandise fills the gap between music and fashion by putting the power of merchandise to use and elevate your brand.


We add value through our bold concepting capabilities, in-house production, web and communicational solutions, brand management and live sales.

Concept & Design

FW Merchandise’s design team has years of experience with working with global brands. Knowing what it takes to stand out of the crowd and invoke synergetic experiences, FW Merchandise has catapulted the connection between its clients and their fans by providing products that reflect the brand’s identity.


Our client’s brands ask for optimal omnipresence, offline and online. We have mastered online marketing and e-commerce through years of gained data in building online environments that mirror a client’s identity. But building beautiful online stores is one, providing consumers with a low threshold shopping experience is a skill in itself.


FW Merchandise ’s in-house ecommerce experts continually analyse and optimize marketing efforts that further enhance the brand’s shopping experience.


FW Merchandise has an extensive network of retailers providing broad distributional opportunities in a wide array of markets. Combined with the ability to create tailor made shopping experiences we maxime reach and optimize brand presence.

Touring and live experiences

Touring still provides artists with the most complete experience for its fans and has become an even bigger platform in recent years, investing more in live performance than ever before. Merchandise should live up to this development and be more than just a stand in the realm of it all.


FW Merchandise has produced numerous pop-up stores, unique festival stands and brand activation events that echoed the brand and served fans with deeper engagement